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Landon Hemsley

Thank you for visiting LandonHemsley.com! This site is still undergoing major construction. However, I put the essentials online in the meantime while I am continuing to develop the website. I do this for those who are interested in hiring a talented, hard-working broadcast and web journalist and/or computer programmer before this website has been completely developed.

The Video Reports link below will take you to my youtube channel. I apologize for the inconvenience as of now, but you will have to hunt back a ways to find reports I've done. As for the Radio Portfolio, this link directs you to the Utah Public Radio special features page. Anything with my name on it is mine. The Carheads Website is a site I developed freelance for an auto garage in American Fork, Utah. It's a simple but elegant site for their business and a fair example of other web work I've done.

If you would like to speak to me about employment availability, please email me at landon-dot-upr-at-usu-dot-edu